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  • C3D - Website Design and Branding

    C3D - Website Design and Branding

    Brighton Designs created a new logo and color scheme for C3D, then incorporated it in to a dynamic website that allows for easy updating and content management. The site was designed to leverage all the visual assets created by C3D, and offer visitors a robust yet easy to navigate web experience.

  • QuickLoader Package Design

    QUICKLOADER Packaging

    QUICKLOADER's product launch in North America required a new package design that provided instructions in three languages. Brighton Designs designed a new package layout that provided instructional and use information, and labeling that enticed the consumer to try the product within it's packaging.

    One big challenge were time constraints since the project needed completion in less than one week from the day it was introduced to Brighton Designs. The deadlines were met, and the product is available in Home Depot throughout North America today.

  • LGL Group

    LGL Group Website & Branding

    As a publicly traded leader in the high tech industry, The LGL Group needed a website that presented visitors with a feeling of leadership and strength. Brighton Designs was contracted to develop a functional website that would emulate The LGL Group's long term vision and commitment to the high tech industry.

    In addition to developing a new branding strategy and functional website, Brighton was asked to redesign the LGL Group logo, and the company for which LGL holds, MtronPTI.

  • Custom CMS with jquerry scripting

    LGL Group Website

    The LGL Group content management system not only allows for easy content updates, but many dynamic content areas make the site robust and interactive. Throughout this site you will find many hover and click effects that display hidden information.
    This site also incorporated additional PHP scripting to pull current stock prices from the Yahoo finance pages.

  • Swoosh Technologies

    Customized CMS with Customer Portal

    Swoosh Technologies, a leading PLM systems integrator contracted Brighton Designs to develop a website that would allow customers to access and download various software files and technical updates. The site was designed to accommodate a "Customer Portal" where approved customers could access special content and manage a user profile that contained information about registered training events, product quotes, and technical information.


    Insync Design

    INSYNC DESIGN, a leading industrial design firm needed a new website that could better display the wide array of products they have designed within multiple industries. Brighton Designs developed a website that delivers greater visual content in a more precise envelope.

    The site incorporates some of the latest jquery scripts, Flash, and some creative css for image manipulation to give it a little more "pop" for visitor interaction.

  • ISW Branding and Website

    ISW Branding and Website

    ISW (International Spirits and Wines) a start up importer of fine wines and spirits, needed to quickly establish a brand strategy and visual content to help penetrate the import market. With only a few initial labels, Brighton Designs was contracted to develop a look and feel that would emulate experience and expertise in the import business.

    The project took shape with first designing a logo that depicted old world experience, Lions flanking a crest with rich colors and scrolling banners.

  • ISW Website

    ISW Website

    The ISW website was built using various jquerry scripts that offers visitors more interactive behavior. In addition, Ajax and Moo tools were used to bring even more flexibility to the design allowing for the ability to pull supporting content on various pages.

    Pages designed to represent brands were given some flash elements that incorporate music to bring the visitor one step closer in feeling the ethnic environment of the featured wine or spirit. The site is currently being redesigned in a CMS for easy content management and creating.

  • TWI Website and Branding

    TWI Re-Branding and CMS Website

    TWI wanted to develop a new look and impression, moving away from the former TWEATHERFORD Inc, to TWI. Brighton Designs developed a new logo and color scheme then incorporated it in to a new CMS that delivers almost three hundred pages of content. The CMS site provides TWI with the ability to easily update and manage content as needed.

    Brighton also develops all of the yearly marketing campaigns including a Carb Day event, the PTC/USER World Event, and various local workshops. The recent trade show booth developed for the PTC/USER World Event was identified as one of the top four booths on display.

  • TWI Content Management System

    TWI CMS Website

    The TWI website offers visitors a simple yet robust experience while browsing through the near three hundred pages of product and technical information. This site was built to accommodate growth and manageable feature changes for various product related events. By using various jquerry scripting, the site is capable of displaying hidden content with simple mouse over actions, and click to slide content for deciding which areas of content are of interest to the visitor.

    Additional calls to action include "Request a Quote, Request a Demo, and Ask a Question" making navigation through all the content as simple as possible.

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