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About Brighton

Brighton Designs, AKA The Brighton Group, was founded in 2001 with a single mission, develop affordable high quality marketing materials for small to medium businesses. Over the years, Brighton Designs has engaged and developed marketing solutions within many industries including automotive, consumer products, aerospace and defense, electronics, finance and banking, green products, health care, hospitality, medical devices, technology, and more.

Our goal is to continue to expand our services to all markets by providing small to medium businesses with an opportunity to compete within the global economy. From website design, to complete identity branding and corporate collateral, we offer turn-key solutions that support market penetration and growth while maintaining a highly efficient cost model.

The founder and president of Brighton Designs, Gregory M. Saisselin, has been involved with multiple businesses for over thirty-five years and has developed relationships with hundreds of organizations throughout the world. Mr. Saisselin is an experienced sales and marketing professional that has extensive knowledge in a wide array of technologies. His diversity and experience in working all levels of the business spectrum enables him to quickly understand unique customer requirements and develop solutions that meet industry and corporate requirements at all levels.

Today, Brighton Designs has earned the distinction of being named a strategic marketing partner to nearly two hundred large and small businesses around the world.